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The Amazon is the main river in South America and the largest river in the world, containing more water than the Nile, the Yangtze and the Mississippi together. Its river basin irrigates a vast region and supports thousands of species of living beings, some of which have not yet been classified.

The Amazon River is born in Quebrada de Apacheta, in the Nevado del Mismi, in the Peruvian Andes, at 5,597 meters above sea level. From there to its mouth in the Atlantic it crosses areas of Peru, Colombia and Brazil along almost 6,800 kilometers, being the longest river in the world – although for years it was believed to be the Nile. It is also the largest, deepest and deepest of the planet.

The Amazon River is a real jewel, with 5,000 different types of trees, 150,000 species of plants and endless fauna in which there are up to 3,000 types of fish and 1,700 different birds, as well as primates, reptiles and butterflies etc.


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