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Business Team

We are a team of professionals with much experience in tourist services. focused on NATURE wildlife. Our services are personalized and high standard. OLAYA TOURS PERU want  you to have the best experience possible with a good logistical team, office and naturalist guide.


Juvenal Quispe Ccohaquira

Director General

Alberto Huayta Canty


Jeaneth Quispe Tilca


Germán Huayllani Quispe




We work with experienced guides, English-speaking naturalists, French with experience as a guide in Manu. Some of our guides have grown up in Manu, are very experienced in wildlife spots, recognizing birds and mammals by sound. They can imitate the animals to call them closer. Most importantly they provide detailed and precise information on everything you would like to know about rainforest and culture. Above all they are dynamic and adapt to the pace of each traveler. We use our equipment as binoculars, telescopes, cameras in all our expeditions so that you can see the animals more closely, without disturbing them.

Grimaldo Quispe Ccohaquira

Naturalist Guide

Grimaldo born in Cusco in 1988, grew up in Manu, began his career in Manu National Park, where he trained and perfected as a naturalist and worked as a resident guide. Has been working since 2012, speaks fluent English has an incredible knowledge of archeology and history of the Inca his passion for nature made him great and knowledgeable of flora and fauna in the last 4 years was devoted to bird watching and photography. Grimaldo is an official tourism guide with a degree in tourism from the private institute Antonio Lorena del Cusco.

Juvenal Quispe Ccohaquira

Naturalist Guide

born in Cusco naturalist and authorized in the national reserve of the manu, study ecotourism in the institute manu, has been working as a guide since 2012, speaks English and French has been more than 6 years that is leading with very successful group tours in the national park of the manu and the national reserve of tambopata has an ample knowledge in flora and fauna. His passion is photography Today he works in Olaya Peru tours sharing his knowledge and skills to everyone in general.

Alfredo Quispe Ccohaquira

Traditional Guide

Alfredo was born in Cusco on May 15, 1987, grew up in the manu. study guide official tourism in the private institute of Antonio Lorena del cusco. It has a great knowledge of wildlife and archeology, history of the Incas. I work as a traditional guide in the imperial city of Cusco. Destinations to the sacred valley of the Incas, Machupicchu, treking, adventures etc. in the last 2 years it was dedicated to make expeditions to the manu national park. He became one of the resident guides on Olayatoursperu.

Alberto Malqui Silva

Naturalist Guide

Alberto was born in Puerto Maldonado on December 19, 1989. Licensed in tourism study at the National Amazonian University has been working as a naturalist guide since 2012, speaks English and German naturalist and authorized in the national reserve of Tambopata and Manu. It has been 6 years that has been leading successfully groups of tourists in prestigious travel agencies. His great knowledge of flora and fauna made him the best naturalist guide. His passion is the languages and bird watching very friendly and flexible adapts to the pace of each traveler. Today she works at Olaya tours Peru. Sharing all your skills and knowledge to everyone.